What does T‑TEN stand for?

T‑TEN stands for Technician Training & Education Network. The T‑TEN program is a partnership between community colleges, vocational schools and Toyota and Lexus dealerships that provides state-of-the art, hands-on automotive diagnosis and repair training with an emphasis on skills needed to succeed in the automotive industry. The T‑TEN training program helps strengthen our ongoing commitment to provide every Toyota and Lexus owner with the most satisfying experience possible.

Where are T‑TEN Schools located?

Advance your automotive career with T-TEN courses and graduate certification. Find top-notch schools across the US with our "Find a School" feature. Start your journey to success today!

What industry certifications can I earn?

T‑TEN Technician Training is available with different programs, degrees and certificate options. The typical program is two years and can lead to an associate’s degree, ASE certifications, and Toyota and Lexus technician training certifications.

When do classes begin?

T‑TEN class schedules vary by T‑TEN school. To learn more about each school, the programs they offer, and when classes may begin, view the school's website or contact the T‑TEN coordinator at each school to start on the path to enrollment.

How long is the program?

T‑TEN technician training is available with different programs, degrees and certificate options. The typical program length is two years.

Are there different programs?

Yes, there are several different T‑TEN programs available. To learn more about T‑TEN schools, the programs they offer, and to help you determine which program works best for you, be sure to visit the profile of your school of interest, or contact the T‑TEN coordinator at the school to get answers any questions you may have.

Is there on-campus housing or would I live off-campus?

Whether you live on or off campus depends on the school you select, and which best fits your lifestyle and budget. Check with the T‑TEN coordinator at the school(s) in which you are interested to find out what housing options they offer.

Can I work while I’m going to school?

All T‑TEN programs may include a paid internship at a Lexus or Toyota dealership to allow you the opportunity to use what you have learned in your training program. Contact the T‑TEN coordinator at the program you are interested in for details.

Will I be working on actual cars in class?

T‑TEN delivers hands-on, real-world Toyota & Lexus certified technician training. Toyota provides each T‑TEN school with about 20 or 25 Toyota and Lexus vehicles for students to work on. So, you'll be ready when it comes time for the internship portion of your training, and for when you're working full-time at a Toyota or Lexus Dealership.

Will we learn about new technologies?

Toyota is a worldwide leader, not only in sales and service, but also innovative, advanced technology. When you train on Toyota and Lexus vehicles, you’ll be immersed in sophisticated automotive technology, and use the most advanced diagnostic repair systems and equipment in the industry.

Will I be working at a Toyota or Lexus dealership during school?

Yes. The most powerful part of the program is the opportunity to earn while you learn with hands-on, paid internship in a Toyota or Lexus dealership.

How much is tuition?

The cost to attend a Toyota T‑TEN program varies by school, in-state residency status, and financial aid. You may be sponsored by a Toyota or Lexus dealer, where you may work as part of your on-the-job-training.

Can I pay tuition over time, or is financial aid available?

Each school is different, but typically you can finance your tuition and tools. And, if you qualify for financial aid, or have a sponsoring dealer, your out-of-pocket costs may be reduced substantially.

What credentials will I have when I graduate?

When you graduate from and accredited certified Toyota T‑TEN program you’ll typically earn a two-year certificate. However, many schools offer the following:

  • A two-year Associate's Degree: combining auto technology instruction with general education courses to earn an A.S. Degree
  • A two-year Certificate: focusing on automotive technology skills without requiring general education courses
  • Professional Certificate: for individuals with auto repair experience or training who are looking transition to a Toyota or Lexus dealership.
What kinds of jobs will I be qualified for after graduation?

T‑TEN graduates usually begin their careers at a Toyota or Lexus dealership performing maintenance and minor repairs. As your skills and experience improve, you’ll perform more complex procedures.

What are my chances of getting a job at a Toyota or Lexus Dealership?

Since the T‑TEN program requires you to complete an internship in a Toyota or Lexus dealership to graduate, most T‑TEN graduates progress into a full-time position in a Toyota or Lexus Dealership. And there are additional career growth opportunities in a dealership, as well as corporate positions.

What’s the career opportunity?

The auto industry has always been critical to U.S. economic growth and vitality, employing 4.3 million people in 2022.

Toyota and Lexus dealerships currently project they’ll need more than 1,000 new technicians every year*, and that need will continue to grow with the sale of new Toyota and vehicles. All this creates growing career opportunities for T‑TEN Graduates. And, unlike many other fields, service technician jobs aren’t likely to be outsourced to another country.

How much can I earn?

Entry-level T-TEN technicians typically start at about $30,000 annually. In some markets, Toyota or Lexus technicians who attain Master status can earn $85,000 annually, and some even earn more than $100,000 annually.

What qualifications do I need to enter a Toyota T‑TEN Program?

T‑TEN schools have their own requirements, which you can learn more about from the website of your school of interest. You can also talk to the school’s T‑TEN program coordinator. Some things you may need to provide, complete or have ready are:

  • A T‑TEN school application
  • Your official high school transcripts
  • Any financial aid request forms (like FAFSA®, if applicable).

The school’s T‑TEN program coordinator will guide and assist you through your entire enrollment.

Is it possible that a Toyota or Lexus dealerships would sponsor me and help with my tuition, housing, books, and tools?

Yes. All T‑TEN students may participate in a paid internship. Some dealers even have programs to help T‑TEN interns with financial assistance for such things as tuition assistance and tools. Your T‑TEN school's program coordinator can guide you through this process with your interning dealer.

How can I learn more about the T-TEN program and a career as a Technician?

Just about everything you need to know is right here on the T‑TEN website or feel free to contact us with any questions.

What does tpat stand for?

TPAT stands for Toyota Professional Automotive Program. The TPAT program is a partnership between Universal Technical Institute and Toyota and Lexus dealerships that provides state-of-the art, hands-on automotive service and repair training with an emphasis on skills needed to succeed in the automotive industry.

How long is the program?

The TPAT program is an optional post-secondary program that lasts 12 weeks following the 51 week core program.

How do I qualify for the toyota tpat program?

To qualify for the program, you need to be a high school graduate or have your GED. You'll also need to complete one of the following UTI programs:

  • Automotive Technology I - All Automotive courses except ADTA-102, ADTA-103, ADTA-125, ADTA-129, ADTA-135
  • Automotive Technology II - All Automotive courses except AT12-150, AT12-151, AT12-203, AT12-204
  • NASCAR Tech’s Automotive Technology - All courses except ADTA-135, ADTA-125, ADTN-140 and ADTN-141

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